CBDL: A Vietnamese object oriented programming language

What is CBDL?
CBDL is a Vietnamese object oriented programming language. Its keywords and statements are Vietnamese words and sentences.
It may be interesting for you if you like Vietnamese and / or learning Vietnamese!.

CBDL.zip (zip file contains an interpreter for CBDL and CBDLEditor, a simple IDE for CBDL)
You need .NET framework 2.0 (or higher) to run CBDL interpreter.

Bug report:
Please report any bugs to duc (at) milresh dot com

You can see CBDL's grammar here

More information:
Readme.txt, help.txt

Aug. 04, 2010: Enjoy CBDL Web programming with CBDL-CGI (by Keimoonvie).
See an example of a CBDL CGI script. Instructions for config Apache with CBDL.

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