Yaccai: Yet another concurrent cooperating agent infrastructure

What is Yaccai?

Yaccai is an agent oriented programming language for developing multiagent systems (MAS). It provides the ability of describing mental state of agents as well as message passing interface. Agents can use message passing API (send, broadcast, ...) to cooperate with other agents in the system. Moreover, Yaccai introduces collective operations of MPI (the Message Passing Interface) into agent oriented programming (AOP). Using these operations, agents can easily derive global information (global knowledge of the entire multiagent system) and effectively cooperate to solve problems in MAS.
The current prototype of Yaccai works well on systems which support SSH and .NET framework (Linux is an ideal environment for executing Yaccai programs because .NET comes with Mono). It can also be executed on Windows.


Binary: Yaccai.zip(for Linux / Windows)
Yaccai.zip contains Yaccai interpreter, Yaccai Port Manager and some examples. See Readme.txt for instructions on how to execute the programs. (The VacuumCleaner simulation is here: VacuumCleaner.zip).

Yaccai grammar: yaccai.g.txt

Source code:YaccaiSrc.zip

Pseudo-code for implementation of FIPA Interaction Protocols using collective operations: fipa.zip


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